Thierry Lafontaine

“I am not crazy. I am Magical. I am also aware that from a non-magical point of view, magic is crazy.”

Thierry Lafontaine is an artist who is passionate about learning. His interests range from art to spirituality. He started his career as a senior artist at Imaginism Studios and works as a concept artist and children’s books writer and illustrator. He spent almost a decade training artists as an instructor at the Imaginism Workshop, Schoolism House Workshop, and the Schoolism Lakehouse Workshop.

Thierry studied animation at Sheridan College, in Oakville, Canada.

He illustrated books such as The Peculiar and The Whatnot by Stefan Bachmann, and How to Capture an Invisible Cat by Paul Tobin. He designed characters for the movies Men in Black III, and The Brave Little Toaster.



“I feel incredibly fortunate to have experienced this workshop. The plethora of knowledge given to me in one month drastically supersedes everything I’ve learned during all my years in college.

These 30 days have been the most critical days in my life, and they will change the course of my future forever.  
The knowledge I’ve obtained can be applied to all skills outside of art and everyday life. I can apply my new knowledge to all future art courses that I take. The way that I absorb information will never be the same. This workshop taught me the common denominators that span across all the different disciplines of art.
It taught me how to think. It taught me how I can get the most out of art courses I take in the future. I feel LIMITLESS.  
I learned how to create art with intent and purpose. I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone and create the kind of art that makes my heart sing, instead of just the subjects I’m good at but feel so-so about.  
I’m extremely grateful for T for sharing his knowledge and giving us this awesome opportunity to learn. There’s nothing better than having an instructor who’s passion is learning and teaching, and wants to push us all to succeed.  
I’ve gained not only a valuable mentor, but a great friend. He’s given me all the tools I need to succeed in whatever path in art I choose to pursue. He taught us that learning = gratitude. Gratitude is everything. He taught us about making art from the heart and the importance of getting ourselves out of our heads.  
I feel like he’s enabled me to be free of the mental shackles I’ve put myself in and has helped me really BELIEVE that I can be artist that I WANT to be.
T gives you WAY more than what you pay for. I couldn’t recommend a better mentor for any other artists out there who are hungry to learn and ready to invest in their art and education!”
Paloma McClain -Digital Illustrator

“Best month of my life!”

Christina Yick

“My name is Aldana, I’m from Argentina, I’m 22 years old and I dream that some day I will work as a professional artist for the animation industry. I would love to tell stories and be a part of the process of making an animated movie.

I just recently came back from Thierry’s Lake House Workshop. This was the first time I was flying alone to another country, being very far away from my family and having to speak in another language for a month. It was new and kind of scary. I hoped and believed that it was going to be a great experience, but I still feared the unknown. I couldn’t find what I needed to learn in Argentina, so this was my chance.

I worked hard and pushed through my fears to be able to go to the workshop. It is amazing because I know that I left the workshop with so much more than I expected to get, words can’t describe how grateful I feel. Everything was 100% worth it.

Thierry is the most humble, kind, caring person and the best teacher anyone could ask for. He knows how hard each of us worked to be here, and all of his efforts are into giving back so much more than we could ever ask for. 

His course is amazing. It is clear and easy to understand, with assignments that are designed around fundamental concepts that aim to push you to grow as an artist. You can also take his exercises home and keep practicing so the growing never stops. You will struggle but you will see the results. 

Sometimes with all the information that is out there on the internet it is easy to get confused about certain topics. But what I learned with Thierry is that you don’t need to spend years trying to figure out color, for example. We all learned from a professional that knows exactly how to explain in a simple way concepts that seem hard to understand at first. It was the jump start that I needed. 

Thierry is patient, respectful and caring. His priority is to see a change of mindset in his students. Since the beginning he makes sure we know how much he believes in us and how capable we are of achieving whatever we want in life.

What is really amazing is that you can clearly see that he truly cares for you. He wants to see you succeed and he will be there for you to push and support you through the course and life in general. I admire him, and I’m so grateful for his kindness, patience, support and sincere love for each of us. 

I left this workshop with: knowledge of the fundamentals of art and how to keep learning, great friends that share my passion and a strong faith that I can achieve everything that I set my mind into.

I felt at home at the Lake House, miles away from everything and everyone that I know. And that is truly priceless. And if you think it’s too good to be true, just wait to meet him. 

Thank you for changing my life Thierry. I will be forever grateful.”

Aldana Rey - Argentina
“Thierry is that rarest form of art teacher: someone who gives unconditional support and encouragement, but is also able to show you how the shift of a single line can vastly improve a drawing. Don’t let the mohawk and gentle, cheerful manner fool you: Thierry has a deep understanding of artistic principals and theory, which allows him to see and fix any visual problem. Thierry makes me laugh at my missteps, gives me new ways to think about my drawings, and suggests exercises based on where I am and what I need to learn. I feel like he’s my safety net, as I take on the sometimes scary work of improving my art.”
Kit Oz
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